My recent projects

Web Application


Conketoi is an app dedicated to learning Vietnamese. With the help of flashcards, users can practice both their listening, reading. A built-in voice helps comparing if their pronunciation is correct. The app is made in React and NextJS.


Viettonkin Consulting

Viettonkin is a consulting company specialized in market entry in ASEAN countries for for foreign companies. I realized a custom-made theme, tailored for their needs.



Raconteur is a creative agency. I've helped them to create an online portfolio to showcase their graphics and video creations.

My services

I mainly focus on front-end Web development. Visit my blog and my portfolio to know more!

Web development

  • Website creation
  • Modernization
  • SEO optimization

Web applications

  • Business applications
  • Games

Specific development

  • API
  • Plugins

My background

I started out coding in 2004, writing some Flash programs, and IT has been part of my life ever since: IT consultant and then freelance web developer.

By taking part to public and private projects, going from local to national size, I've gained field knowledge in several industries: insurance, actuary, finance, accounting, maritime logistics, supply chain...

With this knowledge in hand, I can produce websites and web apps that truly answer your business needs.

You have a project and want a developer who understands your business. Let's get in touch!

My technologies of reference

Most widespread CMS worldwide. I make specific themes and plugins.

Composed of reliable frameworks, I use this JS stack to create Web apps (dashboard, full business applications).

Lesser known, Wagtail is a CMS made in Python, build on Django. I use this technology for straightforward showcase custom websites with a simple administration.

Where to find me?

Whatsapp: +33 6 58 35 13 32



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